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The EX50 is a new HDMI extender set with built-in splitter and ARC audio extraction capable ofdelivering 1080p/60hz with two-way IR up to 50m/164ft over a single Cat5e/Cat6 cable.The HDMI loop output designed for use with a local display or AVR eliminates the need for an add-on splitter enabling the product to act as a 2-in-1 extender / splitter that helps integratorsminimize expenditure and achieve neater installs.If used with an ARC-equipped display up to 5.1 audio can be extracted via the digital COAX breakoutfor use with anupcycled amplifier for example. EX50 has two-way IR pass-through allowing forcontrol at both source and display locations.The EX50 features a manual EDID learning mode and an auto EDID learning mode. Nine selectable on-board EDID modes as well as two copy EDID modes are available to help installers guarantee that the desired video/audio format is delivered to the display.Every EX50 is supplied with a transmitting and receiving unit & one pair of IR transmitters
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